A collaborative team.

We’re an agile, collaborative team made up of specialists from different disciplines with a common desire to create great experiences. The team is made up of permanent and associate staff and a strong network of trusted freelancers we bring in when projects require it.

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tom metcalfe thomas buchanan

Tom Metcalfe

Creative Direction (+ Founder)

Tom is responsible for the creative direction and strategy of the studio. He’s an internationally recognised designer known for his expertise in improving the way we experience our physical-digital world.

He’s had an eclectic design career, working with cutting edge technologies, companies and thinkers. Every single project for every single client has had a focus on interaction and experience – which we think is pretty impressive!

Prior to founding the studio, he cut his teeth at Random International and the Product Research Studio and then went onto produce a programme at REACT.

He regularly shares his experience on design thinking and technologies at conferences and events, and has always been engaged in education of innovators and designers. He’s currently running programmes at the Centre for Innovation at the University of Bristol.

Unlike others in the studio, he doesn’t have a jam-packed schedule of interests outside of the studio, but he was a British Rally Champion in a previous life, so we’ll give him that.

Chloe Ford

Communication Design

Chloe does the studio’s communication design – That’s everything visual! Chloe is a multi-disciplinary designer, who has a sharp eye for creating bold designs often with a focus on colour and pattern.

Her interests in design and technology have seen her explore ideas of planned obsolescence of technology, digging deep into not just where technology is headed but what is left behind.

Chloe’s work is always exciting, beautifully positive and engaging!

peter bennet thomas buchanan

Peter Bennett

Creative Technologist and HCI

Peter Bennett is a researcher and designer of human-computer interaction. His work is driven by the vision of giving tangible form to digital bits, bringing virtual information out of the computer into the physical world. Peter’s approach has been shaped by his journey from Cybernetics, through Digital Media Art and Design to his PhD in developing new digital musical instruments, positioning him at the intersection of art, science, technology and design. Peter’s recent work includes exploring how digital instructions inside Lego blocks can lead to creative model making; creating new ways of interacting with your phone by blowing across the top of a drinks bottle; and designing a post-truth museum tour that guides you through fibs and playful lies.

Outside of work Peter’s interests range from the musical (live improv performance, swing dancing, drums, guitar and synth-accumulation) through the active (cycling, hiking, skateboarding, swim, surf, rock climbing) to the eclectic (designing boardgames, recreational coding, video-making).

chloe foy thomas buchanan

Chloe Foy

Behavioural Science

Chloe is a specialist in the science of human behaviour and happiness working independently through coaching, courses and consultancy.

Coming from a creative background in luxury event design and lifestyle, Chloe has always put people at the heart of her career. In 2013 she landed a research role at the London School of Economics in the social policy department looking at the impact the design of our environments have on health, wellbeing and productivity.

Delving deeper into the world of behavioural science, Chloe consulted with some of the UK’s leading organisations in FMCG, health and media, including working on BBC One program ‘Lose Weight for Love’ and DIAGEO to help increase happiness and health at work and in life.

Chloe’s mission is to pull academia into application and today she works with HR, communication and design agencies to address employee or consumer behaviour change challenges and help create happier, more engaged day-to-day experiences in life.

emily crump thomas buchanan

Emily Crump

Colour, Material, Finish

Emily is a multi-disciplinary designer. Exploring materials; new, traditional and sustainable and advances in technology are of particular interest to her. A background in fashion has given her a curiosity for trends; this awareness of products and materials of the future links in with her interest in psychology and human behaviour and the impact that digital technology is having on our daily lives and especially our mental health.


Emily has worked for Alexander McQueen, as a Fashion Buyer for Debenhams and a Personal Shopper at Harrods, By Appointment. She now teaches design and technology and studies Design at Masters level.