Ice Road

Bringing IoT objects to audiences in immersive theatre.

The studio collaborated with Raucous to explore and deliver new ways of including the audience in the delivery of narrative. Each audience member is given an (IoT) object that plays an important dramaturgical role in the story…

The story

Leningrad. 1942.

The siege has begun…

“You are a cockroach, Tati. You will survive the hunger, the cold, fever and this war.”

In the wreckage of an old apartment block, four orphans are compelled to join forces to survive the murderous Leningrad blockade. Through a cruel winter, enemy shelling and gnawing hunger, Leah, Zoya, Tati and Kub fantasise of escape on the only road out of the city – the ice road.

“…immersive theatre as you want it to be – involving, frightening, empowering and perception-changing.”


Every night, whilst the city freezes and the bombs rain down, Leah mysteriously leaves the others for several hours. She will not tell them where she goes and they daren’t ask – the food she brings back is the only thing keeping them alive.

But then as winter bites hard, the youngest, Kub goes missing…


Harnessing Russian folklore and historical witness accounts, Ice Road fuses performance, creative technology, original music, film and aroma to tell the story of the children war leaves behind.






Research and delivery of audience IoT objects.


The Stage
Bristol 24/7


Writer: Sharon Clark (The Stick House, The Biting Point, Plow) Director: Kate Hewitt (winner of the JMK Award; FAR AWAY, Young Vic) Show Design: Conor Murphy (The Stick House, Royal Opera House, Royal Swedish Opera) Sound Design: Timothy X Atack (Sleepdogs) Lighting: Ben Pacey (The Stick House) Creative Technology: Thomas Buchanan Limited Projection: by Limbic Cinema (The Stick House, Glastonbury Festival, Roni Size New Forms Tour, In Between Time – Dawn) Film: Jack Offord (The Stick House, Bristol Old Vic, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse) Script development: Tanuja Amarasuriya