Memory of items involving narrative experiences

Trove is a treasure chest for children’s most precious things. Trove helps children to understand who they are and to support them through times of change and uncertainty.


To iteratively develop Trove with children and young adults with experience of social care and adoption. To Create a solution that supports life story work and develop personal identity. And, through this process bring Trove to trial readiness?

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Studio Meineck
University of Bristol


2018 – current


Design and Development of the Trove product incl. UI design, product design and UX.


Studio Meineck
University of Bristol
Bristol City Council
The Mulberry Bush School


Chloe Meineck – Founder of Studio Meineck
Debbie Watson – Reader in Childhood Studies
Kirsten Cater – Reader in Computer Science
Stuart Gray – Research Associate
Rachel Hahn – Research Associate